Invite friends to Nauticus, you both get rewards.

Spread the word about Nauticus, and every person that joins from your referral link will receive $25 AUD value in NTS.

Generate referrals through any of your social media channels.

  • Get your custom referral codes from you account settings.

    You can get a single auto generated code, or custom produce codes for each of your social channels.

  • Distribute your referral links.

    Spread the word and let everyone know when they join Nauticus from your link you both reap the rewards

  • You both get rewarded.

    When your referrals sign up and verify their accounts you both receive $25 of NTS in your accounts within a few hours.


Referral reward details.

To receive the referral reward the new user must complete our account verification (KYC) process.

Reward value to each person is $25 AUD in the form of NTS.

The $25 reward value is locked to your account for a period of 6 months.

Referred person must be a new user to Nauticus.

Please note: Your referral reward should be allocated to your account not long after KYC is confirmed.  If it does not appear within 24 hours please lodge a support ticket with our team

If you do not enter the referral code correctly your NTS will not be allocated.