Promotions terms and conditions

NTS Airdrop Terms & Conditions


  1. By agreeing to participate in the airdrop, you accept, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. The participant is responsible for any cost incurred as a part of participating in the airdrop. 
  3. This promotion is not open to employees of Nauticus Exchange and by participating, you acknowledge and agree that you are not an employee of Nauticus Exchange. 

Eligibility for entry:

  1. Participants of the NTS airdrop must have a KYC verified exchange account.
  2. Participants of the NTS airdrop must trade a minimum of USD $50 within the given time frame to claim one (1) entry for the airdrop. 
    1. 2.1.Participants are eligible for multiple entries for trades made on the exchange.
    2. 2.2.The minimum trade for each currency will be determined and locked at the commencement of each airdrop cycle.
    3. 2.3.Each trade over USD $50 will automatically generate an entry to the claim of the NTS available.
    4. 2.4.Each multiple of the minimum trade for each currency will be counted as another entry for the participant.
  3. Any iIllegal trading activity which violates our AML policy or terms and conditions will be excluded from participating.

Token Distribution:

  1. The distribution of NTS will be allocated randomly to participating traders .
  2. The amount traded will be determined based on the receiving currency after the trade is made.
  3. Fulfilling eligibility requirements does not guarantee that the participant will receive any distribution in the airdrop.
  4. The distribution of NTS will be only made to exchange wallets, and any external wallets will not be accepted.
  5. NTS will ONLY be distributed from the exchange.
  6. There will be a grace period of seven (7) days at the end of each airdrop cycle for the airdrop to be calculated and distributed.
  7. Airdrop tokens will be locked for a period of six (6) months from the day of distribution.
  8. Locked tokens (NTS) from this airdrop CAN be used to pay transaction fees on the exchange platform.
  9. Locked tokens (NTS) from this airdrop CANNOT be traded on the exchange whilst they are locked.

The minimum amounts are:

NTS 400
BTC 0.01
BCH 0.25
ETH 0.25
LTC 1.2
DASH 0.45
XRP 100
ZEC 0.6

Right to terminate:

If at any time your participation in the airdrop, your account becomes restricted or terminated (see for terms & conditions), any entries to the promotion made from your account will cease to be valid.