Nauticus Blockchain

  • Exchange will be the first in the world to offer 100 crypto
    and seven fiat currencies
  • Registered with Australian Government regulator AUSTRAC
    and launching mid-August









Milestone 3
70% Complete
70% Complete
Soft cap


Solutions for end users

The Nauticus Solution

Better banking and eCommerce
using blockchain technology

Nauticus provides user-friendly, efficient and secure crypto banking, payments and eCommerce
solutions utilizing blockchain technology, underpinned by the Nauticus Coin.
The Nauticus crypto and fiat exchange opens mid-August.

Crypto and Fiat
Currency Exchange

  • High liquidity exchange with low
    transaction costs
  • A million transactions each second
  • Wallet and mobile app enabling global access
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Mining Center

  • Providing server capacity for Nauticus users
  • Enabling faster and cheaper transactions
  • Utilizing renewable energy
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Worldwide eCommerce

  • Ultra low fee marketplace
  • Fast and secure payment system and
    mobile app
  • Detailed rating and accountability system
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Payments Platform

  • Instant payments settlement
  • Ultra low fees down to 0.1 percent
  • Contactless payments via NFC, QR, ApplePay and AndroidPay
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Global KYC Verification

  • Secure and unique identity verification
  • User controlled data and credit
    information sharing
  • Transparent records of access activity
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ICO Gateway

  • Resources and support for new ICOs
  • List new coins on Nauticus Exchange
  • Transparent records of access activity
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Aug 2018

Crypto and fiat currency exchange

High-speed secure currency exchange, enabling ICO backers to immediately trade Nauticus Coins with 100 crypto and seven fiat currencies at launch (more to be added). In development and scheduled to open in August 2018.


Green blockchain mining center

Establish an environmentally friendly mining center that provides cheaper and faster transactions for Nauticus users, generates revenue to further expand our operations, and provides a social benefit for developing economies.


eCommerce platform

Marketplace with easy-to-use mobile interface enabling instant payments in any currency, crypto or fiat - underpinned by the Nauticus Coin. Ultra-low listing and payment fees, high security and detailed rating and accountability system.


Merchant payments platform

Comprehensive business solution with instant payments settlement, contactless payment methods via NFC, QR, ApplePay, AndroidPay and low fees down to 0.1 percent. Analytic support for enterprises and governments. Peer-to-peer funds transfer.


Global KYC verification

Become a global partner in a new system of Know Your Customer identification, in which users are verified just once. Users control the sharing of sensitive data through biometric authorization, enabling the provision of only relevant information to businesses, governments or organizations on request.


ICO gateway

Establish resources for new ICOs including IT, financial, legal, marketing and HR assistance. Launch ICO register and quality seal of approval. This will support both the blockchain community and help to protect investors. Add new ICO coins to Nauticus Exchange.


How do I pre-register?

Users may create an account by signing in via


, alternatively click


to sign in via email.

Do I need to verify my identity to purchase Nauticus Coins?

ID verification is not mandatory to participate in the ICO. However, you will need to be verified before you can use the exchange so we recommend completing KYC during the ICO period.

Do you accept credit cards?

Credit cards are accepted through a third party payment provider, however we prefer contributions in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. We also accept direct money transfers.

Where is Nauticus based? Am I protected?

Nautica Group (trading as 'Nauticus') is an independent remittance dealer registered with the Australian Government regulator AUSTRAC.

(search here using 'Nautica Group')

') Nauticus is a fully registered company with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission

(search here using 'Nautica Group')

') and is governed by the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Australia. Our team and office is based in Melbourne, Australia.

How do I purchase Nauticus Coins?

Create an account

and make a deposit in our accepted currencies during the ICO or presale period. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and a wide range of fiat currencies. Minimum purchase is 500NTS or more. 1 NTS = 0.00001 BTC

Is it possible to get a refund?

Refunds are not available, but you will be able to trade Nauticus Coins on our exchange for other crypto and fiat currencies.

Help! I have a question that is not covered here


What can I use the Nauticus Coin for?

Nauticus Coins can be used on the exchange straight away to access a 50 percent reduction in fees. Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Nauticus Coin are the key cryptocurrencies on the exchange and will be in trading pairs with most crypto currencies offered. If a user wants to trade TRON for ZCash for example, they will first need to exchange their TRON for one of the key cryptocurrencies, and then use that intermediary currency to buy ZCash. Users will naturally buy the Nauticus Coin for this purpose as it provides a 50 percent reduction in trading fees over the other options. A similar strategy adopted by Binance, saw the Binance Coin shoot up in value by 22,000 percent in the first six months (the past performance of a similar coin is no guarantee of future returns of course).

What is the soft cap and what is the hard cap? What do these terms mean?

The Nauticus Exchange will proceed regardless of ICO success; however the scale, functionality, number of currencies offered and the timeline will be adjusted accordingly. The soft cap of $8 million means the Exchange will proceed as outlined in the White Paper, with the funds generated going towards the blockchain mining center. Nauticus will not collect any more funds after reaching the hard cap of $88 million. The hard cap has been set to incorporate possible sudden fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market, providing enough space for market downturn post ICO.

We have placed emphasis on fairness and priority to contributors of our project. By burning unsold/unallocated coins based on public purchased pool (80%), we protect all those who have contributed. We also have in place restrictions for free/referral tokens and controlled release for team tokens. Ensuring top priority given to our contributers. Maintaining fair value for those who have supported us is.

Example. If only 500,000,000 NTS were sold, total final supply will be based on sold tokens at 80% public supply. Therefore circulating supply will be 625,000,000 NTS. Please refer to


and token allocation diagram for more.

So what's the fine print?

The Nauticus Coin is intended for marketing and sale to participants as a utility token for the development of and future use of the above-mentioned solutions. We take regulations and ethics very seriously and always cooperate with governing bodies. Nauticus Coins are NOT stocks or any other investments instruments or securities and should not under any circumstances be considered as such. A Nauticus Coin is NOT a share, stake, debt, security, or equivalent rights, including, but not limited to all future profits, shares, and intellectual property rights of the Nauticus Group that might receive future revenue. The Nauticus Coin does NOT represent any voting or governance rights to the development, operations, ownership, and decision process of the Nauticus Group. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions document.

Am I allowed to participate in the ICO?

You will need to double check to ensure you are complying with the relevant laws and regulations of your own country. The laws surrounding ICOs have changed in a number of countries including China and South Korea.

How can I contact Nauticus?

The best way to get in touch is to join our online community including:

Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, WeChat,


[email protected]

Private sale and deposits:

[email protected]

Media and press release:

[email protected]


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Guruminder Singh Khalsa

Founder, International Green Technology Institute

Raphael Roche

Chief Transformation Architect, EdenLit Techlab

John Van Der Vos

Director & CRO
Optimal Search Limited, Baanx.com

Antoun Toubia

Investor & Chairman, United Capital Investments

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